In order to provide fair and efficient service for all customers of Campus Cruiser, we ask that everyone please adhere to the policies outlined below.

Pick Up Guidelines

  • People may only be escorted within the established boundaries of approximately a one-mile radius from the center of campus.
  • Campus Cruiser is a supplement to the Buses. All customers whose intended route is on a bus route¬†will be required to utilize its service during its hours of operation.
  • Destinations that are eating or drinking establishments or sporting/special events, are prohibited; however, employees of that establishment or event will be escorted going to or coming from work as long as proper identification is shown; such as a uniform.
  • Each customer may request a cruiser a maximum of four times in one evening.
  • Employees will only wait for a customer for a maximum of three minutes past the given ETA.

Passenger Guidelines

  • All passengers must wear a seat belt at all times, and vehicles will not be filled past their intended capacity.
  • Employees will not tolerate or accept rude, boisterous, or dangerous behavior from any person at any time. Inapproriate behavior will be immediately reported to DPS.
  • Carrying an open or unsealed container of alcohol and/or illegal drugs is prohibited. Smoking is not allowed at any time.