USC is dedicated, now more than ever before, to becoming more sustainable in our goals and operations. USC Transportation is helping meet these goals through large scale projects such as EV infrastructure improvements, fleet electrification initiatives, public transportation subsidies, and partnerships with companies that support sustainable transportation initiatives.

Beginning in January, 2022, USC will partner with EVmo to both promote sustainability and simultaneously provide an employment opportunity for USC students. EVmo is a technology-enabled fleet management and rental company, which connects gig drivers with environmentally friendly vehicle options, to include electric and hybrid, vehicles. The company is passionate about sustainability!  With their growing fleet of technology-enabled vehicles and driver-centric customer platform, EVmo provides a flexible, convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient solution for drivers across the Rideshare and Delivery industries, including USC’s ridesharing partner, Lyft. If you’ve ever wanted to boost your income and drive for Lyft, but don’t own/want to use your own vehicle, EVmo has you covered!

EVmo vehicles will be stationed in the Grand Avenue Structure, and dedicated employees will make sure they are fully charged overnight, and always ready for use. The entire rental process, including accessing vehicles and extending a reservation if needed, is handled through their app. A targeted sign-up webpage with discounts already applied for USC constituents is currently being developed, and will be available on this very page in January. To learn more about the team at EVmo, or their mission and vision, please visit their website.

We are excited to announce this new partnership, and to provide an additional, sustainable transportation option (and employment opportunity!) to the USC community.