The USC Transit Subsidy Program is designed both to help save money for employees who choose to commute using public transportation and to reduce the number of single-passenger vehicles being used for commuting.

USC employees – both faculty and staff – are eligible for a 50% subsidy on the cost of transit passes purchased through USC Transportation. The program includes LA Metro, LADOT and Metrolink passes, with more options being made available in the future. In addition to the subsidy, employees can pay for their transit passes with pre-tax payroll deductions further increasing the value of the program. In addition, all program participants are eligible for up to three free daily parking passes per month in the Grand Avenue Structure, for use on those occasions when they need to bring a vehicle to campus (including game days!).

Due to agreements with our various transit partners, new applications can only be processed during a finite window each month, with the program becoming active on the first day of the following month. See the complete schedule below:

Application Processing PeriodEnrollment Effective Date
July 25 – August 10September 1, 2022
August 25 – September 10October 1, 2022
September 25 – October 10November 1, 2022
October 25 – November 10December 1, 2022
November 25 – December 10January 1, 2023
December 25 – January 10February 1, 2023
January 25 – February 10March 1, 2023
February 25 – March 10April 1, 2023
March 25 – April 10May 1, 2023
April 25 – May 10June 1, 2023

Please CLICK HERE to sign up for the Transit Subsidy Program today!

If you would like to cancel a current Transit Pass, please CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in a transit agency that is not currently included, please complete the signup form and add your agency of choice in the “OTHER” category at the bottom of the form. As we receive requests, we will explore adding them to the program.

The Los Angeles Basin Rates for current participating agencies are listed below. The USC Transit Subsidy Program is the first step in a comprehensive Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan that will be included in USC’s Sustainability 2028 Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation department directly at or see the FAQ page

LA Metro E-Pass

LA Metro E-PassMonthly FareWhat You Pay Monthly
Base fare$80.00$40.00

EZ Transit Pass

EZ Transit PassMonthly FareWhat You Pay Monthly
Base fare$110.00$55.00

Commuter Express/Dash Fare

30-Day Monthly PassMonthly FareWhat You Pay Monthly
Zone 1$80.00$40.00
Zone 2$100.00$50.00
Zone 3$124.00$62.00
Zone 4$140.00$70.00
20-trip Zone PassMonthly FareWhat You Pay Monthly
Zone 1$46.00$23.00
Zone 2$56.00$28.00
Zone 3$67.00$33.50
Zone 4$75.00$37.50

MetroLink Fare

OriginMonthly FareSenior Monthly FareWhat You Pay MonthlyWhat Seniors Pay Monthly
Anaheim Canyon$252.00$189.00$126.00$94.50
Baldwin Park$147.00$110.25$73.50$55.13
Buena Park$217.00$162.75$108.50$81.38
Burbank - Downtown$105.00$78.75$52.50$39.38
Burbank Airport - North (AV Line)$126.00$94.50$63.00$47.25
Burbank Airport - South (VC Line)$168.00$126.00$84.00$63.00
Cal State L.A.$56.00$42.00$28.00$21.00
Corona - North Main$322.00$241.50$161.00$120.75
Corona - West$308.00$231.00$154.00$115.50
El Monte$119.00$89.25$59.50$44.63
Jurupa Valley/Pedley$343.00$257.25$171.50$128.63
Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo$336.00$252.00$168.00$126.00
Moreno Valley/March Field$364.00$273.00$182.00$136.50
Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs$182.00$136.50$91.00$68.25
Ontario - East$301.00$225.75$150.50$112.88
Perris - Downtown$364.00$273.00$182.00$136.50
Perris - South$364.00$273.00$182.00$136.50
Pomona - Downtown$252.00$189.00$126.00$94.50
Pomona - North$189.00$141.75$94.50$70.88
Rancho Cucamonga$224.00$168.00$112.00$84.00
Riverside - Downtown$364.00$273.00$182.00$136.50
Riverside - Hunter Park/UCR$364.00$273.00$182.00$136.50
Riverside - La Sierra$350.00$262.50$175.00$131.25
San Bernardino - Downtown$280.00$210.00$140.00$105.00
San Bernardino Depot$280.00$210.00$140.00$105.00
San Clemente$378.00$283.50$189.00$141.75
San Clemente Pier$385.00$288.75$192.50$144.38
San Juan Capistrano$350.00$262.50$175.00$131.25
Santa Ana$259.00$194.25$129.50$97.13
Santa Clarita$210.00$157.50$105.00$78.75
Simi Valley$280.00$210.00$140.00$105.00
Sun Valley$140.00$105.00$70.00$52.50
Sylmar/San Fernando$168.00$126.00$84.00$63.00
Van Nuys$196.00$147.00$98.00$73.50
Ventura - East$392.00$294.00$196.00$147.00
Via Princessa$196.00$147.00$98.00$73.50
Vincent Grade/Acton$273.00$204.75$136.50$102.38

NOTE: In accordance with IRS 2019 Publication 15-B, only the first $265 per month in transportation-related benefits provided to employees are available on a pre-tax basis.  Funds provided in excess of $265 must be distributed using post-tax dollars.  Please email Transportation at if you have any questions.