USC is a private institution, and USC-owned facilities are all private property.  While we gladly follow Federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements regarding making a percentage of parking spaces available for persons with disabilities, in no way does that require us to provide them for free.

We operate exactly like LA Live, Disneyland, or any other private parking entity – the spaces are there, but we require an appropriate permit or daily pass from USC in addition to a state-issued handicapped placard.  The exception is visitors (NOT faculty, staff or students) parking at street meters – they are free to use as long as the guest displays their state-issued handicapped placard.

ADA spaces in off-campus USC Housing complexes (Troy Hall, Century Apartments, etc.) are reserved for use by residents of that specific USC Housing complex.  Any vehicles parked in a USC Housing facility without a specific permit for that facility (using an ADA space or not) will be issued a citation for being in the wrong area.

If you suspect fraud or misuse of a state-issued ADA placard, please contact the USC Department of Public Safety at their non-emergency number for investigation: 213-740-6000.

ADA Spaces – University Park Campus (UPC)

ADA Spaces – Health Sciences Campus (HSC)