Spring Break Schedule

Over Spring break we will be operating from 5:00pm to 12:45am during the following dates: March 13th-March 21st.

Uber Joins Campus Cruiser Team!

For the Spring 2015 semester, USC has entered into a test program with Uber to supplement the Campus Cruiser program in the University Park neighborhood, on Thursday through Sunday nights, from 8 pm until midnight, whenever wait periods for a Campus Cruiser exceed 15 minutes. This is designed to supplement the popular Campus Cruiser service and help reduce wait times for transportation during these peak periods.  For more information, please visit the How to Uber link on the left naviagtion menu or click here.

Online Chat

The online chat service is available Monday-Wednesday from 6pm-10pm.   You can access the online chat by selecting the contact us button at the bottom of this page.

If you are one of the many individuals who work, study or take classes at night, you don’t have to walk to your car or home alone. The USC Campus Cruiser Service offers either a walking or vehicle escort to your destination. To arrange for a pick up please refer to the table below.

Campus Cruiser will notify you with a phone call or text message when your Cruiser has arrived. Simply give your phone number when placing a call. To check the status of your call contact 213-550-4454, or text “Cruiser <call number>” to 41411. Forgot your call number? Text cruiser and the first letter of your last name to 41411 to look up your call number.

To cancel a Campus Cruiser ride for any reason, simply call 213.550.4454.  You will be prompted to select an exisiting call number and then be given the option to cancel the order.

CampusHoursDaysPhone Number
University Park Campus5:00 pm - 2:45 am7 days a week213.740.4911
Health Sciences Campus5:00 pm - 10:00 pmMon - Fri323.442.2100

Please adhere to the following Campus Cruiser guidelines:

If you are in need of a ride after hours or outside of Campus Cruiser boundaries a USC friendly alternative is Yellowcab. Yellowcab now accepts USCard!. Please call (800) USC-TAXI or click here for more information

When calling Campus Cruiser, please have the following information ready:

  • The address of your current location or building name if you are on campus.
  • The address of your destination or building name if you are going to campus.
  • The number of males and number of females who will be going to the destination.
  • Your last name.

This information is for identification purposes, as well as to make our service as efficient as possible. If other customers have similar locations and destinations, we may group you with them in the same car in order to save time.

Calls are handled on a first come, first-served basis. We do not accept advance reservations.

Due to the occasional high volume of calls received, there may be a delay in pick-up response time. Campus Cruisers are only allowed to service assigned passengers and cannot pick up those who are waiting for their ride. You may check the status of your cruiser using our online tracking system.

Your safety as well as the safety of our student Campus Cruiser personnel is our first concern. All Campus Cruiser vehicles are clearly marked and personnel stay in constant communication with the dispatcher.