Visiting USC for the first time? Guests can purchase a day parking permit at any of our parking structures. Please note that availability varies based on special events occurring on campus.

Our short term parking lots are pay by license plate areas and feature marked pay stations. Pay by plate means you park in one of the marked spaces, and look for the pay station. Once there, you enter your license plate number, and select the desired hours – these range from 30 minutes to a maximum 4 hours. The lots are located at:

  • McCarthy structure, 1st floor
  • Figueroa structure, 1st floor
  • Grand structure, 2nd level
  • Jefferson Structure,  just outside the structure entrance (pay machine is inside structure)
  • Lot 6, on Downey Way, across from Downey Structure
  • Lot 2, on Downey Way, just past McClintock.  Conveniently located near the USC Bookstore

We also have meters located near our McClintock Entrance, on 34th street.

Parking TypeCost Per Hour
Pay by Plate Lots$2/hour