The USC Transit Subsidy Program is designed both to help save money for employees who choose to commute using public transportation and to reduce the number of single-passenger vehicles being used for commuting.

USC employees – both faculty and staff – are eligible for a 50% subsidy on the cost of public transit passes. The USC Transportation program includes LA Metro, LADOT and Metrolink passes, with more options being made available in the future. In addition to the subsidy, enrolled employees can pay for their transit passes with pre-tax payroll deductions, further increasing the value of the program. Program participants using payroll deduction are also eligible for up to three free daily parking passes per month in the O’Neal Lot or Lot 71 (at HSC) or the Figueroa, USC Shrine, or Grand Avenue Structures (at UPC), for use on those occasions when they need to bring a vehicle to campus (including game days!).

Please see the handouts below for complete step-by-step instructions on how to redeem one of these parking passes. NOTE: Free passes are loaded into your account all at once (at a rate of 3x/month starting the month when you join) and can be used any time throughout the FY. Adding passes is a MANUAL process that does not happen automatically; please email to confirm if passes have been added to your account BEFORE coming to campus to redeem one!

How to redeem passes at USC Shrine Structure ONLY

How to redeem passes everywhere EXCEPT the USC Shrine Structure

Due to agreements with our various transit partners, new program applications can only be processed during a finite window each month. As soon as you know you want to participate, please complete and submit the application form below – we will let you know via email when your pass will be active.

Please CLICK HERE to sign up for the Monthly Transit Subsidy Program today! (if you need a different product than the monthly pass, continue reading below)

If you would like to cancel a current Transit Pass, please CLICK HERE.


REMINDER: The USC Transit Subsidy Program is for ALL employees, regardless of where you live, what transportation system you use to get to work, or whether you’re a formal enrollee in the USC Transportation program detailed above or not. To participate in the transit subsidy program if you are not in the LA basin (or if you need a different product/use a transit provider not included in our formal monthly program), then all you need to do is purchase the public transit pass you need out of pocket, and submit a copy of your receipt electronically for reimbursement through USC Payroll. Please submit receipts electronically to as soon as you are done purchasing passes for the month. If we can process your reimbursement in that month’s pay cycle, we will; if submitted after payroll has been processed, you will be reimbursed in the following month. We cannot process reimbursements for expenses more than 30 days old.

The Los Angeles Basin Rates for current participating agencies in the monthly program are listed below. The USC Transit Subsidy Program is the first step in a comprehensive Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan that will be included in USC’s Sustainability 2028 Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation department directly at or see the FAQ page

LA Metro E-Pass

Metro E-Pass card


The LA Metro E-Pass is primarily for L.A. basin residents. It covers Culver City Transit, Foothill (Local), Foothill (Silver Streak Downtown to El Monte to Silver Line), Gardena, LADOT (DASH ONLY), Metro, Montebello, Norwalk, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Torrance). The LA Metro E-Pass does not cover Long Beach Transit. For more information about the E-Pass CLICK HERE. PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged $40 for this pass (half the normal monthly rate of $80) on a monthly basis whether or not you use it.

LADOT Commuter Express / Dash

The transit period to load LADOT Commuter Express or Dash passes is from the 25th of the month to the 10th of the following month if paying through USC payroll deduction. If a customer wants to load their card after the transit period, they would be charged in a subsequent payroll period. For more information about fare prices please click here.

Metro Passes

Similar to LADOT Commuter Express and Dash, the transit period to load Metro Senior passes is from the 25th of the month to the 10th of the following month if paying through USC payroll deduction. If a customer wants to load their card after the transit period, they would be charged in a subsequent payroll period. Please fill out the application form and indicate in OTHER that you are a senior. (You are eligible for the senior rate if you are 62+.)  You will have to apply directly through LA Metro, or go to their Customer Service Center


The most up-to-date Metrolink monthly fares are available online through their Price Finder wizard. Remember, due to the subsidy, you will be charged HALF the posted rate online through USC payroll deduction.

Once you have been registered for the program, Metrolink passes for any given month must be activated during the first week of the month in which the pass will be used in order for them to be charged properly through USC Payroll. Please make sure to activate your pass during the first week of every month in which you’re going to use it; passes activated AFTER the first week may be subject to being charged in a subsequent biweekly or monthly pay period following activation. For more information about Metrolink please click here.  PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT be charged for this pass UNLESS you activate it in the app on a monthly basis per the instructions above.

Metrolink Senior Passes

Metrolink senior passes work identically to the normal passes listed/described above. Please note the age cutoff for Metrolink is 65+. If you are a senior, please sign up as normal and then email us at in order to receive the senior rate (proof of age eligibility required). For more information, please click here.

NOTE: In accordance with IRS 2019 Publication 15-B (and revision RP-2021-45), only the first $280 per month in transportation-related benefits provided to employees are available on a pre-tax basis.  Funds provided in excess of $280 must be distributed using post-tax dollars.  Please email Transportation at if you have any questions.