NOTE: USC Transportation’s Carpool Program is under review and will involve new rules/processes beginning in the Fall 2023. All current permit holders will need to reapply for the program. Please continue to monitor this page for updates.


The Carpool program is the smart way for University students, faculty and staff to share rides and expenses. A convenient carpool is your ticket to the Carpool lanes, so you can get where you’re going faster. It’s also a great way to help eliminate traffic congestion, pollution.

Benefits of Carpooling:

  • Gives you a chance to relax
  • Save money on gasoline, parking costs, vehicle maintenance, and insurance
  • Prolong the life of your current vehicle by reducing overall miles
  • Ease traffic
  • Reduce pollution
  • Average commute shortened by 20 minutes by riding Carpool lanes

Carpool Information

  • Operation: Daily or Occasional (i.e. Once or twice a week)
  • May involve rotating driver responsibilities
  • Ownership of your own vehicle is not required – instead, consider contributing to gas and other expenses
  • Flexibility is key!
  • Anyone registering for a carpool should be able to independently get in and out of a standard vehicle on their own. Additionally, due to liability concerns, other members of a carpool cannot be required to provide assistance lifting or carrying any medical equipment, including crutches, wheelchairs, etc.

Meet Potential Carpool Partners

Meet over lunch or a work break to discuss each person’s needs and coordinate details of how the carpool will work.

  • Who drives and when
  • How often you want to carpool
  • Arrangements for pickup and drop-off
  • Whether or not eating and smoking will be allowed
  • What to do if you must stay late or leave early

Comply With Our Rules

  • All members of a carpool must commute at least 2 miles and carpool 80% of the distance and time to qualify for a carpool permit
  • The carpool vehicle must be occupied by at least two USC staff/employees/students traveling together between their residence and worksite
  • Click here to read all USC Carpool rules (currently being reviewed/updated)

Download And Fill Out An Application

Download the application for your requested campus below, and fax / email / turn in person to USC Transportation. Please also include the following:

  • Photocopies of current registration and insurance for any vehicles that will be used in the carpool. Both items must have the expiration dates printed on them.
  • Photocopies of driver’s licenses AND USC IDs for each member of the carpool
  • Proof of residency for each person in the carpool (i.e. current utility statement, bank or credit card statement)

NOTE: Incomplete applications cannot be approved.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

UPC Carpool Form – effective as of Fall 2021

HSC Carpool Form – effective as of Fall 2021


* All rates include the 10% Parking Occupancy tax. Rates are subject to change without notice.

* Includes 3 free parking passes per month to members of the carpool who are not the permit holder and have registered a vehicle in the carpool.

You can also reduce taxable pay by having the fees withdrawn directly from your pay prior to taxes being assessed by submitting this form with your application.