USC is a private institution, and USC-owned facilities are private property. USC follows the ADA-recommended percentage of handicap accessible parking spaces. Similar to LA Live, Disneyland, or any other private parking entities, most of our facilities, including parking structures, require a parking permit or daily pass from USC in addition to a state-issued handicap placard.

For more information regarding the purchase of parking permits, please visit our Parking page; for more information regarding daily passes and hourly parking options, please visit our daily parking information page. An exception for visitors parking at on-street meters exists, as street meter parking is free to use as long as the guest displays their state-issued handicap placard. (NOTE: USC employees and students are NOT allowed to use metered on-street parking for free, even if they are displaying a state-issued ADA placard.)

ADA spaces located in off-campus USC Housing complexes (Troy Hall, Century Apartments, etc.) are reserved for use by residents of that specific USC Housing complex.  Any vehicles parked in a USC Housing facility without a specific permit for that facility (using an ADA space or not) will be issued a citation for parking in an incorrect area.

If you suspect fraud or misuse of a state-issued ADA placard, please contact the USC Department of Public Safety at their non-emergency number for investigation: 213-740-6000.

ADA Spaces – University Park Campus (UPC)

ADA Spaces – Health Sciences Campus (HSC)