DART is a free service provided by USC Transportation to assist USC students, faculty and staff with temporary mobility issues in getting around campus. Service is available at UPC during the Fall and Spring semesters only, between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Program Rules/Guidelines

  • DART program vehicles are not city-street legal, and therefore cannot leave campus. Service is not available to off-campus housing, the University Parking Center, etc.
  • Anyone registering for DART service should be able to independently get in and out of a standard golf cart on their own. Additionally, due to liability concerns, drivers cannot provide assistance lifting or carrying any medical equipment, including crutches, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Due to high demand for the program, drivers will not wait more than five (5) minutes past a scheduled pick-up time. If you are not ready at your assigned location/time, the driver may leave without you to continue their other assignments. If you no longer require a scheduled pickup, please call in advance to cancel the ride.
  • Service will be automatically terminated after five (5) consecutive missed pick-ups. If service is no longer needed, please contact the DART program at 740-3575 to be removed from the schedule.

How to Request DART Service

  1. Click here to download the application form.
  1. Please note that your application is not complete and will not be considered unless we also receive a valid doctor’s note specifying the temporary disability (including expected duration of the disability). Notes must be submitted separately to USC Transportation by mail (send to: DART program, 620 McCarthy Way, McCarthy Way Structure 100, Los Angeles, CA 90089), via fax (to: 213-740-2625), or in person at our UPC office (first floor of McCarthy Way Structure).

To access Transportation’s rules regarding handicapped parking, or for a map of accessible ADA spaces on either campus, please click here. Students: To register with USC Disability Services and Programs (DSP) office for additional needs, please meet with a counselor in the DSP office, located in Student Union Room 301.