USC has partnered with ChargePoint to provide charging stations at both main campuses (UPC and HSC) and in the USC Village. Users need to pre-register with ChargePoint online ( to register a credit card for the station fees; don’t forget to download the app and stay connected with alerts, notices, maps, etc.!

USC will never again be ahead of the demand curve when it comes to providing places for people to charge their vehicles, and our pricing policy reflects our desire to keep stations accessible for everyone to use. We encourage all users to “fill up” whenever needed, but ask that everyone relocate their vehicles when done, so that others can use the limited stations available. Our pricing model below reflects these goals.

Effective July 1, 2018, the pricing of all USC stations (with the exception of the USC Village) will be as follows:

  • $0.25/Kwh while charging your vehicle, THEN
  • A FREE 90-minute window during which your vehicle needs to be relocated, THEN
  • $3.00/hr. flat rate thereafter

It does not matter how long your vehicle takes to charge – ten minutes or eight hours – you will be charged $0.25/Kwh while you are “filling up.” Once your vehicle is done charging, you must move it within 90 minutes to avoid additional fees. That 90-minute relocation window is free, and you will not be charged fees during that time. After that 90-minute relocation window is over, you will be charged a flat rate of $3.00/hr. while your vehicle remains in one of the charging spaces.


Please refer to the maps below for EV charging station locations at both campuses:




  1. EV Charging spaces are for that specific purpose – charging a vehicle. You may not park in an EV space without connecting to the charging station, whether the vehicle is an EV or not. Users who park without connecting to the chargers may be subject to citation.
  2. All users should display ANY USC pass or permit while charging – a vehicle cannot simply pull in off the street and begin charging, they need to purchase a permit or daily pass to be on the premises first. This cost is in addition to any fees charged for using the ChargePoint equipment. Users not displaying a USC permit or pass may be subject to citation.
  3. USC Village exception: Since USC Village is a retail environment, the fee structure is $1.00/hr. at all times, and no USC permit is required. Customers of the USC Village must pull a ticket to enter the on-site garage like all other guests, whether they then use the ChargePoint equipment or not.
  4. HSC Valley Lot exception: given the large volume of chargers at Valley, and the relative difficulty in getting back to that location to move a vehicle, patrons charging at Valley are NOT required to relocate their vehicles when done charging.
  5. EV owners have an exclusive opportunity to purchase a special EV permit, which is not only offered at our lowest (Cardinal) pricing level, but allows users to relocate their vehicle to ANY normal, unreserved space in any USC Transportation parking structure when their vehicle is not actively charging. A specific EV permit is not required to use the stations, but if you will be coming to campus regularly, it is the most cost-effective option.
  6. HSC has about half the parking spaces as UPC; in order to give EV owners a dedicated area to which they can relocate, we’ve created two “EV PARKING” zones on the fourth and fifth floors of the San Pablo Structure, on the west wall adjacent to the elevators. These dedicated zones should make it much easier for EV owners to move their vehicles when they’re done charging at that location.

Questions or comments regarding the EV program at USC should be directed to: Thank you.