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How can I pay for my parking permit?

We accept cash (over the counter), check, university feebill and payroll deduction.

I have a reserved space but I am leaving the school. Is it possible to give my reserved space to a fellow faculty/staff member?

Possibly – it depends on whether or not the lot or structure has an existing waiting list for Reserved spaces. If it does, we cannot switch a permit from one individual to another and bypass the list, we have to honor the people who have been waiting for that area.  Please contact us for more information and to see whether or not a specific transfer is permitted.

Who do I talk to about getting a reserved space?

Reserved spaces are available to USC Faculty and Staff ONLY, and only with a departmental or Director’s recommendation. For consideration to purchase a Reserved permit, or to put your name on a waiting list, please send an email to

Can I purchase a permit over the phone?

No. During the year, parking is sold online.

Can I share a permit with someone else?

NO. Any permits found to be taped to a windshield or attached to a hanger not provided by Transportation Services will result in vehicle immobilization and a large fine (much more expensive than a normal citation).

Can I purchase a parking pass that lasts longer than a day?

Yes. You can purchase 2 or 3 day parking passes from the gate entrances. Temporary passes that last longer than 3 days can be purchased, but only at the Transportation Services office.

Do I need a parking permit for my motorized scooter or motorcycle?

Yes. Any vehicle that is powered by a motor MUST by USC rules and regulations have a permit in order to be parked on campus.

Where exactly on my car do I put my parking permit, and does it really matter where I put it?

All parking permits should be attached to the lower LEFT hand side of your windshield. It is alright if you have other parking stickers attached there but make sure that the USC parking sticker is in that general area. You will be ticketed if the permit is not in the right area. For all hanging passes, they must be hanging from your rear view mirror while you are on campus. Failure to do so will result in a ticket.

Is there a waiting list for permits or reserved spaces?

Some of our facilities are in high demand and do have waiting lists. Please call us at 213.740.3575 or visit our office to check on the availability of both.

Do I have to buy a permit to parking in the University-owned housing complexes?

Yes. The parking lots at the University owned housing complexes are operated by Transportation Services. You need to purchase a permit for the appropriate lot.

Do I have to buy parking permits for parking in summer?

Yes. Parking availability is much higher during the summer, but you still have to purchase a pass.

What are the different types of permits available?

We offer many types of permits. Please go here for a complete list.

Does everyone have to purchase a parking permit?

Yes, there is no free parking at USC. Hourly (meter) and daily parking are available for guests.

How much is parking at USC?

Gold permits (on campus) are $414 /semester and Cardinal permits (off campus) are $301.50/semester. For a complete list, please go here. These rates are subject to change.