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Service from UPC at Michelson Hall (MCB) to ICT and ISI Monday-Friday.

ICT: 12015 Waterfront Dr, Playa Vista 90094

ISI: Bus Stop is at the Northwest corner of Mindanao Way and Admiralty Way. (May relocate due to construction)



  • 8:05AM UPC-ICT
  • 8:50AM ICT-ISI
  • 9:00AM ISI-UPC
  • 10:00AM UPC-ICT
  • 10:40AM ICT-ISI
  • 10:50AM ISI-UPC
  • 12:00PM UPC-ICT
  • 12:35PM ICT-ISI
  • 12:45PM ISI-UPC
  • 1:50PM UPC-ICT
  • 2:25PM ICT-ISI
  • 2:35PM ISI-UPC
  • 3:50PM UPC-ICT
  • 4:30PM ICT-ISI
  • 4:40PM ISI-UPC
  • 5:45PM UPC-ICT
  • 6:25PM ICT-ISI
  • 6:35PM ISI-UPC


  • UPC-Michelson Hall (MCB)
  • ICT-12015 Waterfront Drive, Playa Vista,
  • ISI- Mindanao Way just west of Admiralty Way. (May relocate due to construction)