Fall 2021 UPDATE: The Safe Rides Program will solely be operated by Lyft during the Fall semester; Campus Cruiser will not be available. The program will pay for Lyft SHARED rides ­only; Classic rides will still be available short-term, but only until the SHARED option is reinstated on the platform. Please be sure to wear your mask at all times, and follow all other Lyft Community Guidelines.

All invitations to join the Lyft program for Fall will be emailed automatically beginning Monday, August 16; do NOT share your invitation with others, as doing so will deactivate your account. If you do not receive an invitation by August 20, please fill out and submit this form to request one.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: The program runs on credits that automatically renew every month; USC does NOT pay for cancellations fees, tips or PrimeTime upcharges. If your ride starts and ends within the appropriate campus geofence, and in all other ways qualifies for the program, it will say “FREE” in the fare quote box; again, the program will only pay for Lyft SHARED rides once that offering returns.  Hours of operation beginning August 16 are:

  • At UPC: 6:00pm – 2:00am, seven days a week
  • At HSC: 5:00pm – midnight, Monday-Friday



Powered by Campus Cruiser, and supplemented by LYFT, our Safe Ride Program is designed to make the USC Community a safer place for those who study, work or take classes at night.

Our Campus Cruiser program started in 1978 and now operates year round, averaging 3,000 rides per week. Students can book a ride through the web platform, mobile app or by calling 213.740.4911 at UPC or 323.442.2100 at HSC.

As the university population has grown, so has the reliance on ride share. With Campus Cruiser at maximum capacity, we now partner with Lyft to offer free Lyft rides to students within the free-ride zone. Last year Lyft complemented our Campus Cruiser program with up to 30,000 free rides per week.