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Can I get a handicap placard from USC?

No, we do not provide handicap placards, they are issued exclusively by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

What are your policies on handicap parking at the meters?

The meters are free for handicap drivers UNLESS they have a USC parking permit. If a handicap driver has a USC parking permit and parks at the meters they must pay.

I am disabled, do I have to have a disabled placard to park in the handicap spaces on campus?

Yes. All handicap spaces on campus are regulated under California state law, and Transportation Services is especially proactive in enforcing this. See our disabled page.

Can I make a parking reservation for myself or any other USC staff or employee?

You can NOT make a parking reservation for anyone who is being payed by USC Transportation Services and pay for it with a requisition. This rule was made by President Sample himself. You can, however, make a parking reservation for a USC staff or employee if they are paying for the parking pass themselves.

What do I do if I miss the 3:30 PM deadline?

If you missed our 3:30 PM deadline, please call or fax the gate directly on the day of your guests’ arrival.

How long does it take to confirm a reservation? How long in advance do I have to reserve parking?

Normally, we process parking reservations within 72 business hours of the request. The absolute deadline is by 3:30 PM on the day prior to reservation.

What are blanket requisitions?

Blanket requisitions are a method of payment from a particular departmental account. They are good through one fiscal year and must be renewed each fiscal year.

What happens if some or all of my guests do not show?

An approved parking reservation is a guarantee of service from Trojan Transportation requiring that the space(s) that you requested is/are reserved apart from daily sales. In the case that one or all of your guests fail to show for an approved reservation you will be charged and no refund for pre-payment will be issued unless notice of cancellation is received by 3:30PM the previous business day.

How can I pay for my parking reservation?

There are several acceptable forms of payment. You can pay for your guest with an internal requisition, cash, check, student bill or payroll deduction certain payment options are available. We can invoice you and you can pay by check. If you’d like your guest to pay form themselves, simply check ‘Collect from guest’ on the reservation form, and your guest will be required to pay when they arrive.

How many persons are required for an event to be considered "special"?

Ten or more, and/or special circumstance associated with the event (VIP, police escort, etc.)

If I am planning a University event, who can I contact to make parking arrangements for my guests?

Please contact the parking reservation coordinator, or request parking online.

Which parking lots can the guests use?

The guest will be directed to a lot they may park in by the gate attendant. Generally they are daily permit lots.