Street Closures for Dec 9-10

There are two events happening this weekend at the UPC campus that involve area street closures; a special event at the Shrine on Saturday, and the L.A. Rams home game at the Coliseum on Sunday.  Please read the information below for additional information.


Shrine Event

The Shrine Auditorium will be hosting an event this Saturday, December 9th, 2017. Due to this event, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has informed us that the following streets and sidewalks will be closed as indicated below. The closures will be in place between midnight Friday night until 3:00am Sunday morning. Due to this event and limited parking availability in the USC Shrine, Royal Street, and McCarthy Way structures, all USC structure permit holders may use any of our structures on Saturday. Please see the information below and attached for detailed information.


Full Street Closures:

  • 32nd St. between Hoover St. and Figueroa St. (some local access)
  • Full alley closure North & South side between 30th & 32nd St.


Partial Street Closures:

  • Partial Closure of Shrine Place with local access only.
  • Partial Closure of Royal St with local access only.


Curb lane Closures:

  • Full Alley closure Between Royal St. & Figueroa St. North & South between Jefferson Blvd & 32nd St.
  • Northside of Jefferson Blvd.


Sidewalk closures:

  • North and South sidewalk of 32nd St. with controlled access to Local pedestrians.
  • North side of Jefferson Blvd sidewalk.




The Los Angeles Rams will be hosting the Philadelphia Eagles at the Coliseum on Sunday at 1:25pm.



  • NEW for 2017: No tailgating or open alcohol containers of any kind are allowed in the new USC Village.
  • As always, we expect significant traffic and area congestion on football game days, from approximately 10:00am-6:00pm on Sunday.  If you do not need to come to campus this weekend, we strongly encourage you to stay out of the area.
  • As always, USC permits are valid on game days in our system, but you may be required to park in a different location that your permit indicates if your location is full when you arrive.
  • USC Transportation will be coordinating with LADOT, LAPD, Metro, and many other agencies to close area streets after NFL games to facilitate faster egress from the Coliseum.  The closures will go into place at the end of the third quarter and extend until approximately one hour after the game ends.
  • The Campus Cruisers program will start its normal time on Sunday (6:00pm).
  • The weekend Intercampus Shuttle service will be operating both days this weekend, although we do expect traffic delays due to the Rams game and thank you in advance for your patience.  Complete information on this route can be found on our website by clicking here.

Lyft Account not Working?

Is your Lyft account not working? Please make sure you have activated your account through the invitation sent by Lyft.  Once this has been done, your promo section in the Lyft app will look like this:

When scheduling your ride, it is important to note that our program works only in PERSONAL mode and only works on Lyft Line rides.  To ensure you are requesting a ride correctly, please make sure your request screen is set to the settings shown in this photo:


If you did not receive an invitation, please contact Michelle Garcia at


Thank you!!

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