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Does Campus Cruiser offer service from Leavey Library?

Yes, in addition to Bus service during the day and Campus Cruiser normal operating hours, we also offer a Leavey shuttle from 3AM to 7AM every night except Sunday morning. All you have to do is go out and wait outside Leavey by PSD and the on-duty cruiser will arrive within 15 minutes.

What is the hitch a ride policy?

The hitch a ride policy states that a person can “hitch a ride” with a PARKED Campus Cruiser WITHOUT making a prior reservation as long as the cruiser is not busy with other passengers and is heading in the same general direction that the Cruiser may be heading to. This is subject to supervisor approval and requests may be declined if call volume is high.

Does Campus Cruiser operate during the summer?

Yes, 6PM to 12:45AM nightly.

Does Campus Cruiser operate on University Holidays?

Campus Cruiser is closed on university holidays with the exception of Labor Day, Presidents Day, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday.

About how long would I have to wait for the cruiser after calling?

Campus Cruiser handles over 700 calls per night. Your wait times will vary based upon many variables, including, but not limited to weather, call volume, number of drivers on duty, time of day, campus events, etc. The average wait time is around 10-15 minutes.

For what purposes can I use Campus Cruiser?

Due to the high demand of our services, necessary restrictions are placed on customers that are using the Campus Cruiser service (such as we will not act as a moving service). Most importantly, we do not offer service to or from commercial locations.

How do I contact the Department of Public Safety?

For emergencies , please call 213.740.4321. For non-emergencies , please call 213.740.6000.

Does Campus Cruiser provide intercampus service?

No. Campus Cruiser can not provide intercampus shuttling. However, Transportation Services does offer an intercampus tram during working hours.

What is a walking escort call?

All customers that request a ride from an on-campus location and are going to another on-campus location are identified as a walking escort call. A cruiser on foot will meet you at your pick-up and walk with you to your destination.

How safe is it to travel in a Campus Cruiser?

Campus Cruiser does not tolerate drivers who put themselves or others in danger. We provide adequate safety training to all of our staff, and hold all employees responsible for the safety of our customers.

What are Campus Cruiser's operating hours?

Please see our hours.

How do you keep track of your vehicles?

We use a web-based tracking system developed in PHP, and all our vehicles are connected via cellular GPS to our server. For more information, please contact Josh Bigelow.

When do the buses run?

Please see the schedule.

Which area of the city is covered by Campus Cruiser?

Please refer to our map of the boundaries.

What about feedback?

Campus Cruiser encourages feedback, good or bad. Our goal of providing legendary service rests on how well we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You can send us your feedback online.

Who can we contact in case we have any questions?

Click here to access our directory.

Can we make reservations for Campus Cruiser?

Due to the high volume of calls that Campus Cruiser receives nightly, we cannot accept reservations. All calls are handled on a first come first served basis.

Does Campus Cruiser allow pets in their vehicles?

Campus Cruiser only allows pets associated with a customer that is physically challenged.

What is Campus Cruiser?

Campus Cruiser is an all student-run safe ride home program. We provide a limited service to all students, faculty, staff and guests of the university.

How much does Campus Cruisers cost and do we have to tip the driver?

Campus Cruiser is a free service and you do NOT tip the drivers.

What number should I call for Campus Cruiser?

For the University Park Campus, please call 213.740.4911. For the Health Sciences Campus, please call 323.442.2100.